The founder of Journey Cycling and Fitness Studio, Tiffany Jacquay, has been a life-long athlete at the college and professional levels. She found that Mount Pleasant was the right place to open a “big city” version of the modern day fitness studio. The modern day family or individual is busy and doesn’t have a lot of time to think about their workouts. So Tiffany opened a facility that doesn’t lock you into any contract. Instead, you can buy the class or activity you want, at a time you want, at either a per-visit price or in bulk for financial savings. Then, from your computer or smartphone, you select and purchase the class you want, at the time that fits your schedule. Straightforward, right?

Recent trends in fitness have shown a vast escalation in HIIT and overall functional training (that is, training that involves the whole body or multi-functional movements) in a group setting. Group settings allow for that personal training feel and expertise, without that one-on-one personal training cost. From that knowledge and our own desire for training, Journey was created on the mantra of “how do I make me the best me I can be?” In life, we live many Journeys. How are you going to live your Journey?