Challenge your strength and endurance as you Spin to motivating music and mood lighting in our private Spinning room. Your Spinning Journey starts with your very first pedal stroke.

Your training journey will require your strength, your determination, an open mind and a case of good old-fashioned humility. The Spinning program can assist you in striving for your goals through safe, efficient, smart training that is both exciting and challenging. With heart rate training and the instructor’s ability to challenge your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds, the Spinning program divides training into 5-course format categories called Energy Zones: 1. Recovery, 2. Endurance, 3. Strength, 4. Interval and 5. Race Day. Spinning instructors use these formats along with motivating music and mood lighting to develop rides for your ultimate cycling journey.


Burn fat, build strength and have fun in a group setting. Combine innovative tools, such as TRX suspension trainers, ropes, and kettlebells, along with time-honored training techniques to achieve serious results.

Whether you’re looking for sports conditioning workouts or tightening and toning workouts, to muscular and cardiovascular endurance, there’s a class for you! Involve yourself in one or several of our Body Conditioning Programs and watch the way your body transforms into shape.