Burn fat, build strength and have fun in a group setting. Combine innovative tools, such as TRX suspension trainers, ropes, and kettlebells, along with time-honored training techniques to achieve serious results.

Whether you’re looking for sports conditioning workouts or tightening and toning workouts, to muscular and cardiovascular endurance, there’s a class for you! Involve yourself in one or several of our Body Conditioning Programs and watch the way your body transforms into shape.


Bosus, kettlebells, dumbells, battleropes, dynamax balls, cardiovascular drills and much more. Push your limits in these TIMED SETS, which are a series of programmed sequences to leave you drenched and proud.

Full body conditioning for functional, everyday movements. There are 5 elements for Functional Training: endurance, strength, power, agility and balance. This class’s focus is on those elements and builds on your abilities and fundamentals. This is the most advanced class on our schedule. It is recommended that you consult one of our trainers prior to trying this class.

Build, sculpt and tone the perfect body with this 30-60 min FULL BODY LIFTING workout.

Military and Interval inspired circuits of bodyweight, strength training and functional movements for a fun, full-body burn!

45-60 minutes devoted to toning and tightening these two areas…your butz and your gutz!

High Intensity Interval Training: full body training to build strength and burn fat. HIIT incorporates a mix of body weight and weighted exercises to increase your metabolism, lean you out and make you sweat!

Metabolic workout that covers fundamental fat-burning kettlebell and TRX movements in 45 min. This workout is designed to cover all your strength, muscular endurance and aerobic conditioning needs.

Light weight and body weight resistance training for a full-body—but high energy and fun—workout. The focus is on large and small muscles to help enhance your shape, lengthen your muscles and create stronger posture.

An intense full-body workout designed to spike your body’s metabolic rate. Cycle, jump, lift, push, pull, throw, slam and swing your way to a big ole sweat puddle. Goal: Melt lbs and create a lean body.

45 Min full body workout that fuses the best elements of ballet, Pilates, sports conditioning and stretching for a truly unique and fun experience. Tone, sculpt and burn during this gem.

A 45-minute body conditioning class, broken up into two 20-minute training blocks. 1st block: cardiovascular training, 2nd block: heavier strength training. This class gives you everything you need to burn serious calories (10 per minutes) and melt away fat, all while lengthening and strengthening your heart and muscles.

A 45-minute full body workout that fuses the best elements of ballet, pilates, sports conditioning and stretching for a truly unique and fun experience. Tone, sculpt and burn during this gem.

“Movement training”: We fuse strength exercises, cardiovascular training and TRX for optimal results. This triple threat of a workout is one of the most beneficial for corrective measures, strength gains and overall fat burning fun! Learn, improve and burn all in one class!

VINYASA FLOW: An invigorating flow of yoga postures that builds muscle tone, improves flexibility, and promotes relaxation and stress release. This class aims to inspire through creative sequencing that has many different levels allowing beginners and advanced students to be challenged and transformed in the same class.


There is to be NO cell phone or PDA use during class. Once the doors close, all devices must be in silent or airplane mode throughout the duration of class. If you have a sick child or are a doctor on call, or just have a potential emergency, please advise the instructor prior to the start of class. If you MUST take the call, please quietly step outside. Otherwise, take a little down time and enjoy your Journey!

Talking during class is just a distraction, so please enjoy the moment and stay focused.

The room is dark and the doors are closed. So, please use the restroom before the start of class to avoid any undue interruptions during your Journey. Emergencies do happen from time to time, we do understand that.

You will have neighbors on your right and on your left. Treat them and your front desk staff the way you want them to treat you. Oh, deodorant and fresh clothes are always a plus, too!

Arrive with a positive attitude. There is a direct correlation between your energy and your neighbor’s ride.

Please use the cloths and cleaning spray provided to wipe down your bike and the floor! Your bike will love you as will the next rider.

Empty bikes are released 5 minutes before class starts, so please do not run in and expect the front desk to have everything ready for you. If you are running late, call us! Also, if you have not registered and/or paid for the class prior to the start time, you will be asked to do so before you are given your Studio Pass to enter the class. BE PATIENT!

When you check in, you will be issued a Studio Pass. Find a bike and place the studio pass on the handlebars for the instructor to pick up before class.